Key Management

Ghulam Akbar Narejo

Ghulam Akbar Narejo


Ghulam’s Akber Narejo is reknown philanthropist and non political person. He possesses love for humanity without differentiation of cast, creed, ethnicnic, sectarian and religious boundaries. He is volunteer worker without any political or any other motives. He is famous for social work and family dispute resolutions. He works for education of low privileged children especially in remote and rural areas. He arranges marriages of families who can not bear the expenses. He takes care of orphan children and widows with substantial financial support. He organizes tree plantation and repairs of roads and small crossings over irrigation channels and water courses. He provides potable drinking water facilities to remote areas. He provides financial support to remote area patients and arranges transportation and ambulance for patients.

Mehar Ali Narejo

Mehar Ali Narejo

Vice President

Mehar Ali, is a well known social worker in Tehsil Sobhodero who stands out due to his selfless devotion and passion for his work. He has the ambition to serve mankind regardless of caste, culture, belief, and sect. With selfless and uncountable hours of service and resources, all devoted to helping others.

Mukhtiar Ali Narejo

General Secretary

Mukhtiar Ali is young energetic and kind hearted social worker. He works for poverty alleviation in remote and low privileged communities. In order to deal with poverty alleviation he has conceived a pragmatic model of poverty alleviation, with a historical and philosophical discourse. After witnessing the devastating effects of poverty while he was university student of Shah Abdul Latif University, he decided to alleviate the suffering of such people. ARN welfare has various sub programs to support people of different problems, through their non-profit organization.

Shakil Asghar Narejo

Joint Secretary

Shakil Asghar is Civil Engineer who graduated from China. He is one of the most loved personality in the area due to his modest attitude, humbleness and humility. After completion of his Engineering degree he has devoted himself for philanthropic endeavours. He aims to improve the conditions of the underprivileged communities with education, food, healthcare supplies, water problems, emergency relief and other kinds of help. He is one of the most prominent philanthropists in area, due to his selfless work.

Akhtiar Ali Narejo


Akhtiar Ali is Business graduate and he works for economically disadvantaged people. He feels that education these days requires school fees, uniforms, shoes, bags, stationary among other miscellaneous accessories that the low-income people can hardly afford as their prime focus is putting food on the table. Therefore he has contributed significantly for rural areas education systems. He helped the flood displaced persons and works for financial support to low income families. He arranges shelter for shelter less individuals. He is kind hearted and young philanthropist who is heart favorite of all in the area.