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Who we are

About Us

Allah Rakhio Narejo ARN Memorial Welfare Organization is a not-for-profit organization established on July 06, 2021 under voluntary social welfare agencies (Registration and Control) ordinance 1961.
The registered office of the company is located at Office # Village Mitho Khan Narejo, Po Lakha, tehsil Sobhodero, District Khairpur Sindh

Our Objectives

We aim to gain approval from the competent authority to set up, oversee, and financially support educational institutions, computer literacy centers, schools, colleges, research institutions, learning centers, reading rooms, and other establishments that cater to basic education, adult literacy, advanced studies, and various educational platforms. However, it’s important to note that these institutions will not have the authority to confer degrees.

To obtain authorization from the competent authority, our aim is to create, possess, manage, and supervise vocational and technical training institutions that provide state-of-the-art technology education to students. These institutions will not have the authority to grant degrees, but they will be responsible for establishing, erecting, furnishing, and promoting vocational training opportunities

 Our objective is to care for orphaned children by creating a non-profit orphanage that offers them shelter, food, education, and social support on a no-profit, no-loss basis.
We aim to supply food and offer shelter to areas affected by floods.
We strive to establish hospitals, dispensaries, and healthcare centers to enhance access to healthcare services.

How We Are Achieving Our Objectives To Save People's Life

The organization shall exercise the following powers to achieve its objectives: